Sunday, March 14, 2010

Updates n things

So, as busy as I've been, I've managed to squeeze in sewing and finishing a couple aprons in new designs and even (gasp!) listed them on Etsy.

Green a-line front

Pink Marilyn side

I've been trying to purchase some retro-style or even just pretty fabric online, but I've been getting so overwhelmed each time I'm on Etsy that I've given up in frustration after an hour of looking...has that happened to anyone else? Anyone have any great ideas for colors or patterns to sew my new "Marilyn" apron from?? Help a girl out ;o)

Other than those two aprons, I've been pretty static on the crafting front. What with being out of the house for 12-13 hours a day (commuting roughly 3-4 hours a day) and physio twice a week after that....I've been tired. I'm trying to keep my stress level down, which involves avoiding the craft room and the mess it has become. I don't feel less stressed if I have to schedule time to craft, and all my spare time is cleaning, cooking and preparing for the coming day or week. 

The good news is, my injured knee is doing MUCH better and I'm able to take stairs and start some simple exercises to lose that extra 20 lbs I've gained! Wheee! PLUS, this job is only contract...meaning I only need suffer the crazy hours and commute until about September. Yeah. I know some people don't think that's a good thing, but they're being fabulous and paying for upgrading that will possibly help me get a regular position with the same company, at a closer location. As Martha would's a good thing.

Shoot me now.

Anyways, I'll leave you with a couple photos I took a few years ago up in Williams Lake, BC. Beautiful hoodoos and rivers. It was so wild and wooly up there ;o)


Hoodoos 12-18-05


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