Sunday, October 24, 2010

Buying spree!

Yes, I've gone crazy. I guess now that I'm looking, I see '40's and '50's stuff or inspired stuff everywhere!

I cruise the vintage shops around here sometimes, searching for work clothes at inexpensive prices (especially since my weight has been fluctuating so much this past year) and have found some cute things.

Like these vintage tan, leather, strappy heels! They're in such good shape...they just need new lifts and the insole needs a tiny bit of glue. I honestly can't believe these fit me.

Vintage tan strappy heels

Vintage tan strappy heels

And these modern, 1940's-esque black peep-toe heels. And they're COMFY, too!

Black peep toes

Black peep toes

And this bead necklace....I just LOVE the soft color! I have no idea WHAT vintage it is, but I like it anyway.

Bead necklace

 My sister has lent me my Grandma's crinolines, of which there are two. I think I'd like to re-create BOTH, so if I want a SUPER puffy skirt, I can double-up. The first is a single layer of very stiff net in two tiers on a waistband (which was probably a dropped yoke at one time, but has been taken up), with a small, softer ruffle on the bottom. The seams are covered with white and silver Greek key trim.

Grandma's crinoline

Detail of Grandma's crin

The second crinoline is 2 tiered, as well, with the top tier being a thin dropped yoke. It's made of a very stiff net. The bottom tier has two layers. The bottom layer has 2 ruffles sewn to it's bottom for fullness. The top layer is made of a very soft, sheer fabric with a pretty scalloped edge and has flowers and designs on it in white flocking. The hems on the under-layer are small and rolled. This crin has such a nice shape!

Grandma's crinoline 2

Grandma's Crinoline 2

I've also been busy on eBay, after discovering that folks sell whole LOTS of vintage patterns!! This is a serious problem  :o)  I've already purchased two lots, for a total of 29 patterns, and hope to have a few more. I'll be cherry-picking the ones I like that fit me, and selling the rest (if they're complete) on my Etsy. Hopefully I can make back some of the cost of the patterns! Keep your fingers crossed that I win the next 3, too! I can't wait to get them!

I know, I know...I should be sewing things for my Etsy! But I'm still trying to get things sorted out, and will be working on more aprons as time goes by, and when I have some extra free time....if that ever happens! I have plans for a little girl's ruffly apron as well as a little boy's smock. Some day soon, hopefully!


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