Saturday, January 20, 2007

Whatta day

Saturdays...gotta love 'em!

I got up early (although not as early as expected, due to a wonky alarm clock) to prowl Ikea's as-is department, have cheap-o breakkies, and pick up stuff at Home Depot, the fabric store (I was only going to get some thread...really!) and then StupidStore....I can't believe how much money I just spent. I think I blew my budget. LOL

I love my sister! She's the funniest, and agrees to be dragged along to Ikea (among other places) at a godawful time in the morning! And my best friend, Billie, who ALSO agrees to being dragged around, and who takes my odd sense of humor completely in stride. What would I do without them?? Probably be bored...wandering Ikea by my onesies...

Anywho, I have so many other things to do. Laundry, stripping the dresser, hanging the curtain rod in the bedroom, sewing a new dress, playing with my poochies....and that's just today :o)

Guess I'd better hop on it!


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