Sunday, January 28, 2007

And another one bites the dust...

So there goes another week of my life! I can't believe how much I SUCK at this!

Not too much new. Um, let me see...

We had a lovely time at Dim Sum last Sunday at the Fraser Flamingo, with Lorien's fiancee only getting a tiny bit bored during all the SCA talk. It was nice to see so many people I haven't seen in ages! I was stuffed from all the yummy food.

With all the fussing and barking Puccini had been doing every time I left for work, I was concerned I would be kicked out of my apartment, especially after a talk from my landlord. Desperate times call for desperate measures, so I let the lady at the pet store talk me into purchasing an expensive but small bottle of herbal stuff to help calm him down. Upon getting home and reading the ingredients of "Calm Down", I found that the main ingredient is alcohol! 13% to be exact! No wonder they're calm - it hurts to bark when you have a hangover! Well, against my better judgement, I started using it, and man - maybe it DOES work! He's been fantastic pretty much every day since then, and my grouchy neighbor across the hall admitted to me today that he hasn't heard them at all!!! I have to admit that we also started playing with neighbor dogs, turning on the radio during the day, and just generally getting into a regular schedule, as who knows if it's the doggie nyquil. But I'll keep using it, anyways.

Oh, I now have CIP (insurance stuff) classes on Wednesday, and even managed to get my homework done in time for class (imagine that!). Although it's dry and about as boring as you can get, it's nice to get into classes again.

And after prowling the as-is department at Ikea so many unsuccessful times, I've finally broken down and bought a new white Billy bookcase for all my books. I know, I know...not more Ikea! I put it together right away, and managed to clear up another 6 boxes. Only about 11 left! I can't believe I had almost enough books to fill up my short Billy bookcase, as well as the new, big Billy bookcase. For someone who doesn't collect books, I think that's an amazing feat! (don't laugh, Lorien...I know it's not very many books) I don't even remember buying some of the books I unpacked!

Well, as happens every time I start rearranging and cleaning up, it's gotten worse than before. I guess I know what I'm doing tomorrow! At least it's really starting to get nice and cosy. I like it. It's so nice to have my very own place :o)

How time flies, eh?


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