Tuesday, December 9, 2008

HO HO hum....

Geez! This is turning out to be the twice-a-year blog. I gotta keep up on this stuff.

Life is a little boring around here, or at least that's what it feels like right now. I've been working at a Fine Finishing shop since May, and it's working out OK. I'm liking the not having to spend all my money on dress clothes for work, although I could use more $ per hour, and benefits, and cleaner fingernails....

Well, lots has been going on. I moved in with my partner at the beginning of September, which is awesome. He's a sweetie and actually thinks it's CUTE that I leave half-drunk glasses of tea all over the house! (he's a keeper) Shortly after moving in (by about a week), I went to Ikea with my best friend and had the $1 breakfast before shopping. Which, apparently, was a very bad choice for me that day. I had a LOVELY gallbladder attack which landed me in the hospital for the big surgery to remove it. Who needs that extra sack of skin, anyways? Dammit all. Worst thing was having to leave all the stuff at Ikea that I had picked out. Deals and all. Oh, and the HUGE scar. At least my man doesn't mind scars.

So I was in the hospital for 10 days (I was a sick sick puppy) and was off work for a month....not getting paid, of course (hence wishing I had benefits), and couldn't lift anything heavy. Read: couldn't unpack my junk. SIGH. I had to borrow money again to pay my bills until EI could kick in a little something. I was on 6 weeks light duty at work and am just FINALLY feeling stronger.

Good news is I lost 15 pounds and have managed to keep about 10 of them off! Ha...but it's probably muscle that I lost. Who needs muscles, anyways?! Um, yeah.

Mark finally got another dog!!

This is her, Cleo (Cleopatra), sucking up to him. He'll be the boss, I can tell already. She'll wait patiently outside the BATHROOM for him to come out HAHAHAHA. She LOOOOVES him. She's apparently a Mastiff/Presa Canario cross, but since PC's are originally part English Mastiff, I'd say she's all Presa Canario. She's a love. She's almost 2, and has absolutely no manners. She's huge, and a bull, and pulls like the devil on a leash. I can't wait for my man to get home to help me out. Come hoooome!

Yes, my man has gone to Costa Rica without me, leaving me with a brand-new dog to figure out. She's very good, however I've ended up with a chipped front tooth and pee on my dining room carpet.

Let me explain....

I think my little dog is starting to use the dining room for "accidents" - although I guess you can't call them that when they're done on purpose, huh? Something to do with there being another dog, I'm sure. She's also had some accidents, but has been better than MY dog. Which sucks. Because he knows better. And I accidently leaned over Cleo last night when she was jumping up and her tooth knocked my tooth. Her tooth won. At least it's just a little chip. Because I don't have dental...see, I really could use some benefits about right now.

Oh yes. And my partner has gone to Costa Rica without me! (I'm going for as much sympathy here as possible - see how I mention it over and over?) This is why I'm bored. Cold bed, boring house. And no cable TV. Horrors. I have tons of things to do but it's just Not The Same without him. Sigh.

Oh, in the summer I bought a car. A '97 Geo Tracker 4 dr 4x4. It's cute. It runs. It gets me to work. And it lets me bring home furniture I get off Craigslist without having to bother my man to drive me in his truck. Which he really doesn't like to do. He thinks we have enough furniture, Thank YouVery Much. So....today I got a new dresser! Ha ha! I'll show him!

He wasn't surprised. I think he's resigned to it, now. Takes all the fun out of it, hey? The dresser is very lovely and the seller said it was about 100 years old. I'm thinking closer to 1920's, but who's counting? It needs one handle replaced (I already sent an email to an antique shop that deals in that stuff) and to be refinished. Easy peasy! (I work at a finishing shop, remember?) Plus I got it for only $50!!!!! Yes!

I just finished refinishing a cedar blanket chest I got off Craigslist recently and it looks wonderful! And it was FREE! I heart Craigslist. I heart good deals.

My Christmas shopping is almost complete, for once. Just a few more things to deal with (which will probably be all last-minute, knowing me) and then I can make cookies and be done with it. Bring on the prezzies!!!! If only I can go to the mall and NOT spend 2 hours trying on clothes I have no intention of buying. Yep. I get sidetracked SO easily.


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