Monday, November 5, 2007

Long time, no blog


How time DOES fly! I can't believe that it's been since March and I haven't posted....lots of things have happened since March....

1) I got a boyfriend! Yep...and he's a sexy thing, too. We've been dating since approximately April. We met on Plenty of Fish, just like Lorien and Steve. Who knew?Oh, and before you get weirded out by the shotgun and crazy smile, he's big into guns. He hunted with family his whole life and now just likes guns. We're big tin can hunters haha! I got a chance to try out shooting, and it's OK. It can even be fun....but I'm not really a good shot. LOL

2) I bought a skimboard! And got to use it a whole hot 3 times. This summer sucked! We had hardly any sunny weekends. I DID manage to get out camping a few times with Mark, so that's not so bad.

3) Chloe died :o( She was Mark's beautiful, sweet doggie. She must have eaten something poisonous in the woods. We were camping in the Cowichan and she got very sick. She passed away in Victoria. RIP Chloe.
4) Puccini and I won a photo contest! Proving once and for all that he is, indeed, the most adorable doggie. I took the photo with my new (to me) Nikon D70 which I bought from Steve (thanks, Steve!)

5) As per #4, I got a new camera! Whee!

6) I discovered Facebook. Bloody stupid computer program. It dominates my life...or rather, it DID, until I got a boyfriend who doesn't do computer stuff. Which is odd, since we met online....

7) I got a new job! It's closer to home (only one zone) it's better money, and it's FAR more interesting that my old job at Gore. Yay! I'm now a CSR on the broker side again, selling home insurance, among other things. Right now I'm super busy learning the system and stuff, and we're short-staffed, so we're all hopping like long tailed cats in a room full of rocking chairs.

Well, other than that, nothing much else is new. Can't wait for the winter to end. Maybe I can get a few days on the mountains this year. Sometimes I feel like selling all my junk and taking Pucci to Mexico with me to live on the beach....ah well.


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