Sunday, March 18, 2007

Ahhhh aren't long weekends great?!


I took Friday off, and after kissing pup good bye (and hoping my mom will remember to pick them up after her work...I left 2 phone messages, just to remind her) I put my bags in the car and off I went! The ferry ride was very nice, and the drive great. I haven't been for a good drive in a long time.

The weekend at Lorien's was fabulous. Despite the monotonous rain. Why is it that every time I go to the "Sunshine Coast", all it ever does is rain? And then start clearing up as I'm leaving? for thought.

Friday night I was introduced to Diana and her beautiful harp. The music was magical when Steve and Diana played together (aside from the occasional curse). I was so lucky to be a witness to it. And then I tried to sing...tried being the correct word, here. I couldn't even remember all the words to songs I definitely know off by heart...I had to be prompted by Lorien. *sigh*

Saturday day was for shopping and window shopping. I ended up not buying anything anyways, which was probably for the best. Saturday night, we went over to one of Steve's friend's house and they had music and wine and wonderful pot luck food (of which, I think Steve's Tandoori chicken wings were the best). I met a few really nice people and even tried to get one very nice lady to set her son up with me. Alas, he was already taken.

Sunday morning, we all slept in, and Lorien made a fantastic egg and sausage breakfast, and we lingered and chatted the morning and a portion of the afternoon away before we all had to get a move on. I came home, flush with prezzies from Lorien (thanks lady!) and a promise that we'll help each other get studying and paper-writing done. (Tuesdays at 7:30, Lorien! Be there or be square!!) :oP

After picking up my pups (who made it through the weekend no problem) from my moms (who probably doesn't want to doggie-sit anymore after this weekend) I made it home to relax. I think we were all unexpectedly happy to be back in our own place. I like it here. :o)

This weekend was great. I got a chance to get away, recharge and relax. Yah. And I made some good decisions, too. I decided it wasn't worth dwelling on past regrets. Life's too short. And I need to connect more with me. Do things I really want to do, like painting again. Getting some exercise and eating better. I am ditching my try at online dating. It's way too stressful, and I find I was spending too much time at the computer. People aren't relaxed enough. LOL How can I possibly have time for someone else right now? I have me, the dogs, and my friends to concentrate on.

Well....3 days really does make a difference.

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