Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Well now.

So. As you can imagine, I still haven't finished the dresser. Sigh.

I bravely put a seal coat and a coat of the black glaze on it ages ago, but haven't done anything since. Well, I managed to organize my tool area and put in new shelving and stuff, but that doesn't get money in my pocket LOL

What I HAVE been doing is relaxing a bit. Taking ballet classes. You heard me....now close your mouth. (I took 4 years as a kid and this will be good for my posture and core strength. I'm a sloucher. It's one helluva workout!)

I also tried making Bakerella's cake pops! Search her site to find some AWESOME baking inspiration. One of my best friends came over to give me a hand, and it was a fun, sugar-filled afternoon, let me tell ya!

Here's my friend, after all the cake balls were rolled. It was fabulously messy.

It was a regular chocolate cake mix and I used cream cheese icing. We rolled up all the balls and stuck sticks in half of them, to dip them in vanilla candy coating!

Cake on a stick

Whee! I just figured out how to link to my Flikr photos and not have to wait ages for uploads! Yay!

We also tried coloring the vanilla coating with blue. It looked good. They looked good enough to eat!

Blue & white cake pops

I ended up giving away that half of the batch. They were too sweet with the vanilla coating, so I tried the rest by dipping them in melted chocolate. Milk chocolate and semi sweet. These, I LOVED. Good thing we had company, so I didn't get to eat them ALL!!

Cake balls

On the weekend, we went to Bowen Island to visit friends who moved there. They were awesome and fed us a great burger dinner. We went hiking the next day and even though it was quite grey out, we had fun seeing the coast and marine life, like little hermit crabs and anenomes.


We also almost ran out of gas, as the Bowen Island gas station isn't open on Sundays. A nice lady took pity on us and sold us some extra gas. Apparently this happens all the time there :o)


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