Monday, May 4, 2009

Injuries after injuries.

So. Yeah. Lots of things happening....or not, as the case may be.

I blew out my knee at work. Talk about not even having a good story! All I did was squat down to measure some paint. Sigh. I must be getting old. The doc says that something may be torn, so I'm off for a weeks rest, at least. Icing and elevating.

Not that I'm really that torn up about not being able to work (since I really don't like my workplace), but I am TOTALLY sad about not being able to go to ballet class, or do gardening around the yard, or driving (since I drive a standard, and it's my left knee that's wonky). I'm stuck at home with no cable and I can't sit and read for very long without disabling myself, since I have herniated cervical discs (in my neck).

I KNOW! I know.... I'm totally falling apart. Time to take me out back and put me out of my misery.

Dear Santa.....

All I want for Christmas is a new back, and a new left knee and maybe some new eyes, OK? Ones that don't need heavy-duty eyeglasses. And maybe can I have some thighs and a butt that look like they belong on an 18 year old????

PS: I'd also like a winning lottery ticket...and I don't mean for just $20. Mmm-k?

Love, Me.

And Horrors! So my bad knee means no ballet, either. And here I had just bought a new pair of ballet slippers!!! (do you know how hard it is to take a picture of your own pointed foot??? I had to use a mirror)

New ballet slippers

They're Bloch's split-sole neos. The fronts are a super-soft leather and the heel parts are neoprene! They're very very comfy. And I never even got a chance to use them in class. Please don't tease me about my terrible pointe, either. I'm working on it.

I STILL haven't gotten anywhere with the dresser past getting the black glaze on it. Now it will have to wait a bit, due to my stupid knee.

(Sorry, Knee. I don't think you're stupid! I love you and want you to get better, quick. Please get better!)

I also got a new dresser for a baby gift for one of my best friends. It's definitely a project dresser that has been badly cared for. Looks like the drawers were papered in the 50's and someone tried to tear it out. Also, they must have used a chisel when they were stripping it, since there are HUGE gouges all over it

(It's OK, Jack's mama. Thery're really not *HUGE*. I can make it look purty. Really)

And the top is slightly bowed. It's going to take some screwing, gluing and elbow grease to fix it up, but when it's done, it will make the finest little change table/dresser you ever did see!

Jack's Dresser

Plans are to straighten out the top, re-paper the drawers with something nice, but boy-ish (since the baby is Jack) , finish it a lovely chocolate brown stain and add some nicer handles, maybe glass?? I also would like to add new legs, since I find the proportions of these to be a bit....shall we say, stubby?

Oh, and on a more sober note, my step-brother (really, my mom's boyfriend's kid, but they've been together forever, so same thing) has just been injured in Afghanistan and is currently in Germany, having surgery. He's OK, which is good. Collapsed lung, shattered heels and a wicked concussion, or so I hear. That's from his tank going straight up in the air! He should be shipped back to Canada by the end of the week, possibly near us, possibly not. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for close to us, since his brother and dad would really like to be near. Poor kid was only 3 weeks into his first tour, too.


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