Friday, May 8, 2009

April showers bring May flowers...and weeds. heard me! Weeds. Morning Glory aka Bindweed aka chokeweed. Whatever you want to call it. I calls nemesis!! I spent all of last spring/summer ripping it out, tentacle by nasty tentacle.

It didn't help.

By the middle of summer, the garden was a mat of this stuff. Everything was about 5 feet tall and covered by it. I gave up. We mowed a goodly portion of it over.

My nemesis...morning glory.

This year, I decided to take a different approach. Poison! That's right. I'll poison it all!!! (twirling mustache motions) Bahahahahahaha!

Um, yeah.

The people at the local garden center were shocked and horrified when I said that I had morning glory in my perennial garden. I'll either have to dig it up, portion by portion, and sift all the soil to remove every last piece (as even a tiny piece of root will grow a new vine, dammit), or I'll have to get in there on all fours and paint every last sprout with a poison that will kill the plant and root. God forbid you get any poison on any GOOD plants.

Or, if my boyfriend had his way, mow it all down.

Which is rapidly becoming my new goal, since I paid $25 for the poison, spent about an hour or so crawling around the sluggy garden liberally dabbing each bit of morning glory that I saw, only to have them turn a nice yellow-green colour and CONTINUE GROWING. Sigh.

And now my knee is buggered and I can't crawl around the garden. Some of this stuff is well over a foot tall, now! Well, I dipped some of the longer stuff, that I didn't need to bend down to reach, directly into a jar of WAY stronger mixed poison and can only hope for the best. Then, after about 20 minutes, I dropped the whole jar right on a good plant and about a dinner plate sized portion of grass. Splash! Blarg.

Anyways, here's some of the NICE stuff growing around the yard. Spring has definitely sprung....with a passion!

Bleeding hearts - the wild version you'd normally see in the forest here:

Bleeding hearts

Forget me nots! They're so bright and pretty. And they're spreading into the lawn...which I don't mind (unlike all the Lamium that's spreading into the lawn. Grrr):

Forget me nots.

Ferns. There are a few by the front door and they're so bright and green right now:


Hope everyone else's gardening is going much better than mine is! gone!


Marla May 11, 2009 at 7:52 p.m.  

Andie - Saw your post on PW - You can open JPEG in RAW in CS3 - Just go to FILE, then OPEN AS, then when you get the box with the thumbnails, go to the bottom "open as" box and pick CAMERA RAW. I use CS3 and just discovered this after reading Ree's post on PW.
Happy Editing!

Flashnflaky May 12, 2009 at 9:49 a.m.  

Hi Marla! Thanks for the tip, though I had already figured it out. "open As" does not show until you have enabled Camera Raw under Preferences.
I've already left a message on Ree's site about it for all those people as technically unsavvy as me :o)

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