Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Can we say..."procrastinate"?

Yep. Procrastinate! That's definitely me!

Here I've been injured and confined to home, and I haven't even blogged. Not that there's much to blog about. But here goes....maybe this will make it seem like I've really been busy.

1) I'm still injured. My knee got better to a point, but no better than that. I am still unable to squat fully without pain, and if I'm on my feet for more than about 2 hours, or drive longer than a half hour or so, I'm kaput! And sorer for several days. Argh.

The doc had me going back to work for half days, but I only did 2. It was too much for me.

2) WCB denied my claim! Wonderful. They agree that, yes, I DID injure it at work, however they believe that there was no undue stress on my knee and that my job had no causitive effect on my injury. In other words, it could have happened anywhere and unlucky me - it happened at work.

So, now I'm applying for Medical Employment Insurance. That should take another month to process, so unfortunately (or luckily, in my case) I'll have to rely on my man for a bit. He's such a wonderful, sweet guy. I loooves him.

3) I've taken more pics of my garden!! My world is pretty small right now.

More fern! They unfurled so slowly, and I couldn't help taking pictures of them.


There are poppies galore!

Poppy field!

Poppy buds

Poppy bloom

The bee was really hard to capture on camera. I had to stake out the spot and take zillions of pictures. I also learned that bees aren't really that smart...I've seen more than one get stuck inside the poppy for no reason.
Help! Help! I'm Stuck! :o)

Boppy & bee



And neat-o flowers which, at the moment, I can not for the life of me remember their name:


Yeah, I also have a bad memory. And hearing. Gads, I'm falling apart!

During the last 5 weeks, I HAVE been out of the house a few times. My man drives and I get to sit and visit. It's nice not just sitting at the computer.

4) We went to a friend's daughter's 5th birthday party. It was very fun, and she got TONS of Barbie-related stuff.

You know you're an adult when you look at the little pieces that go with Barbie and think, "Gosh, that'll get lost in 5 minutes."

She also had a pinata, and all the little ones had fun swinging. For berevity's sake, here are only a few photos from the party:

Her brother and her, hamming it up. Isn't it amazing what they can do to their faces??:


Her fairy pinata:

Fairy pinata

The swing that broke the fairy's can see a candy flying out to the right:

Breaking open the pinata

5) I've recently found Dance.Net, which keeps me amused for a couple hours every day. Everything you could ever want or need to know about dance, in one place.

I've also watched a billion ballet videos on YouTube. Why do I do that???

6) I got SO sunburned! Twice! First my back (from lying in the sun, reading) and then my front (from being on a boat). My nose was actually CRISPY! You'd think I would have learned, the first time.

7) Have you seen the TV show "Rome"? I watched the whole first season (which my sister lent me). It's pretty good, with lots of blood, sex and nudity. The costuming is fantastic, as well as the sets.

8) My doggie broke a claw. Which is usually nothing bad, however it was still attached and he had to have it cut off very, very short. Poor bitty thing. Since that's painful, they had to put him under to do it. He came out of the vets all limp and sleepy. His little tongue was hanging out a bit and he slept all day.

Bye bye $150. (and who ever said that money doesn't talk?? It does. It says good bye) Yep. And since he's been licking it a lot the last few days, I took him back in today to have it looked at. Cha-ching! $66 for a cone and some anti-biotic cream.

Gads, I think I need a new vet....

So, aside from the above, things are moving right along. It's about 26 degrees out today, so I'd say that summer is here to stay.

Wish me luck in healing and getting back to I so miss ballet class!!!


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