Monday, June 8, 2009

Sunny days

So, the weather has been cooler, but today was still sunny. Which was nice.

I had a great day out with friends yesterday. We sat and watched the world at a Starbucks, and then had a bit of barbeque. Here's her and her dog...

BFF hahahaha


We also had a short walk to the park, where I took these photos. Can you tell I really like flowers??


Yellow flower


I've had my man haul out Jack's dresser/changetable, and have started some stuff I can do without squatting down (due to my bum knee). Poor thing will be born in less than 8 weeks and will need it!!

I've started sanding it with a palm sander and some heavy grit sandpaper to try and minimalize the gouging from the sloppy stripping that was done. It doesn't need to be perfectly smooth, as Jack's mum is happy with a slightly rustic look...especially since she's thinking that it will take years of boyish abuse :o) I also sat and started scraping yucky 1950's wallpaper from the insides of the drawers. I don't need to get it off completely, as we'll be papering the drawers again, but I'd rather I got all the colored parts off, since I don't want the color to show through the new paper.

Here's how it looks, at the moment!

Jack's big drawer

Jack's little drawer

I will need to stabilize a couple areas that are coming a bit loose on the cabinet, and then make sure the drawer bottoms are firmly fixed, before I continue sanding with finer and finer grits.

Seems like summer is here!

Goals for the near future:

1) Finish Jack's dresser...he's going to need it soon!
2) Start stretching regularly and doing some core exercises.
3) Get back to work asap. I'm off for maybe another week: I better not waste it
4) Pick up a paintbrush and do some art while I still have the time at home.
5) Less internet!!! My butt is getting bigger from sitting on this chair
6) Eat less. I eat fairly well, just too much. Sigh. I *heart* food.


moosh in indy. June 27, 2009 at 8:02 p.m.  

Oh my! Your dog is the only other one I have EVER seen to look like my dads Katie dog.
(She has had a stroke and is blind so she looks a little rough, but all this time I thought she was the only spotty dotty like her.)

Mattie July 27, 2009 at 8:12 p.m.  

This doggy photo is beautiful! Dogs are my favorite animals in the whole wide world, but this photos is just gorgeous and very well composed. Love it.

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