Friday, July 10, 2009

Such a slacker...but look!

Jack's Dresser, finished

Yes. I FINALLY finished Jack's dresser. All it needs now (aside from the ride to it's new home) are new handles. But Jack's mum needs to pick something out. Not a big deal.

You have no idea how happy I am about it! Here's a before and after of it.


Jack's Dresser, not started


Jack's Dresser, finished

There were a few in-between photos, but I've been such a procrastinator about blogging. But you already knew that.

It's not nearly as reddish colored in person....that's just the photos. It's much richer and darker brown. It would look fabulous with white ceramic handles!

Here's a photo of the lined drawers:

Jack's Dresser, lined drawers

The lining is just a nicely patterned contact paper, but it's washable, and when the little feller gets older and wants a "big boy" dresser, she can pull it out without problems and replace it with something more masculine! Plus, it cost less than a quarter of the price of wallpaper. Heh heh

Jack's mum's baby shower was last weekend. Fun was had by all, including a water-drinking contest (out of plastic baby bottles). I don't know how the winner did it...all I got was air! BURP!

And there was also a "guess how big around mum's belly is" contest. I was WAY off....sorry about that. We had snacks and punch and got to see her delight with all the gifts. I heart baby stuff.

But then, I heart babies. (shhhh...don't tell my boyfriend that)

I'd put in photos of the shower fun, but I've been too lazy to go through them yet. (I took a LOT of photos of the host's doggy, Minnie, though...I should go check them out right now.)


I'm still on 1/2 days at work. My knee gets too sore if I'm on it more than that. Dr. says no stairs, no heavy lifting, no squats. Blarg. My appointment to see a knee specialist isn't until September, so that's pretty lame.

I'm still away from my ballet classes, darnit! At least this gives me a chance to do stretching, which I really need. Unfortunately, I've gained 8 POUNDS since I've been injured. I suck.


lorien_i July 10, 2009 at 10:38 p.m.  

It's fantastic! Jack will love it (or I'm taking it off his tiny ungrateful hands). You're a wonder and I adore this dresser. Thank you so much!

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