Monday, July 27, 2009

So, yeah. Forced "vacation". Wonderful

And I truly mean forced. I worked full-time last week and irritated the torn cartilage in my knee, and now I'm off for a month. I hope EI will pay me (fingers crossed). It's going to be hard to live on almost no money.

This is the worst thing to happen in Spring/Summer, seriously. If I am on my feet too much, my knee swells and is very sore, though the doctor says that it WILL get better, with some time off (hopefully). My Orthopedic Surgeon appointment and MRI aren't until October, so who know how long this will drag on. So I can't go hiking, or skimboarding, or do any ballet. Still. I'm stuck at the computer, pretty much. Yick.

I've got some ideas in the works for making some extra dough. Sewing vintage-style aprons and some small things like custom doggie clothes or baby items. I can sew quite well, and am stuck sitting, so that should be good. Who knows if it will make any money though. Anyone need a cool apron? Baby sleep sack?? Doggie sweatshirt? Dresser refinished? LOL

Here's the sleep sack I sewed for my best friend (Jack's mum):


It's a copy of a big name brand one she got at a garage sale. She wished she had more, so...TA DA! I'll make one more out of some flannel she had kicking around, and she can decide if she needs bigger or smaller sizes.


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