Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Something NEW!

Well, it's been a long time since I've put up a new post, but I've been busy...and a HUGE procrastinator. But we've discussed that before...remember? Yeah.

OK, so I've been Twittering a lot lately, and I've met tons of really nice crafters online. Not that I have anything really that PROFOUND to say, aside from how terrible it is that my coffee won't up and make itself and then drag it's lazy cup over to me first thing in the morning. If you follow me, you'll most likely be notified when I list something (as well as the non-profound coffee statements), so you'll get to see firsthand one of my creations...which is good, if you're into 1950's-style aprons and potholders!! :o)

One of the lovely crafters I met on Twitter ALSO makes aprons, but of a different kind. Out of necessity, she designed a bib-type apron with a tea-towel skirt, since her kiddos were constantly running off with hers. Now, she's never without a tea-towel in the kitchen! Very handy!!

Here's one I like. "Be Green Think Green"

You should check out
her shop on Etsy, here:
Or her Twitter, here:

She does a lot of Craft Fairs and needed a good vendor apron (since she doesn't make that kind) so she sweetly agreed to test run my newest style apron, the Rita! A full, pockety-type apron, based on a real 50's era pattern, though of my own design. Here's a photo of the one I just shipped to her today:

"RITA" Black vendor/craft apron

I really hope she likes it and that the style works out. I'm MUCH happier with this one than I was with the first prototype!!

Here's a few more aprons I've been working on:

"LUCY" bibbed blue toile apron front

"LUCY" bibbed strawberry apron front

"DINA" Yellow scalloped apron

So far, I've only sold one apron and two sets of potholders. BUT I'm working the social media as best I can :o)

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