Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Gettin' a Groove On

Hiya folks!

Well, I've been pretty busy....cutting and sewing and Twittering (maybe more computer stuff than I should, right?) and I've managed to get a few more aprons up recently on my Etsy,

Here's a few examples, if you don't have time to check out my shop....

LUCY bibbed retro apron in plaid

LUCY bibbed retro apron in Camo

LUCY bibbed retro apron in blue

I've also managed to somehow get a custom order whilst waiting in line at a fabric store!! She wants an apron and matching potholders and oven mitts!! Cool, huh?? Goes to show that you REALLY should talk about your business with people.

Sharing is GOOD!

I probably should have some business cards made up one of these days....that would help, wouldn't it?

(Side note: these and these are the cutest business cards I've EVER seen, and they're on Etsy. Made by Social Circle Cards They even come with a great little holder! Circular cards are AWESOME! I wish *I* had thought of this!!)

I'm working on a few new ideas, as well...some needle books (made from leather...once I figure out sewing leather, of course) and Christmas potholders, though I got only one pair done, and then was sidetracked from doing the next ones, since I got half way through them before I realized I cut the fabric UPSIDE DOWN. Grrrr. They are currently on the floor near the sewing machine. Where I threw them in disgust. 4 days ago. Yeah....I had other stuff to do, anyways. Psh.

I'm currently working on designs for some simpler apron styles, since there are so many bibbed ones on my Etsy.

I also want to make more of the "RITA" style...like this one I made as a gift for a Twitter friend:

"RITA" Black vendor/craft apron

She loves it, btw :o) She says that although I'd meant it as a retro-style crafting or vendor apron, it would be GREAT for those ladies who are home with their small children...there are lots of pockets to put those small things you pick up everywhere, and to keep treats like cookies in. LOL


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