Thursday, October 29, 2009

Now I've done it!!


So....I decided it was time to switch my personal blog into a shop blog for Whoa Mama! Vintage Style. And it took FOREVER! Well, like all afternoon. And I have more to do, but at least it functions....

I found the new template at They have some AWESOME free designs that are totally customizeable, and have a great tips section....which is what THIS amateur blogger needed to get it up and running. The only sad part was losing my gadgets and blog if anyone has a blog they'd like me to follow, let me know! And for the love of all that's holey, (you heard me...holey) follow this blog!

I'm hoping in the near future to do some showcasing of stuff I find interesting on Etsy or around the 'net in general. I'd also love to showcase and promote some of the Metro Vancouver Etsy Team's (which I am a member of) members, and maybe try and get a local Craft Night going...wouldn't that be fun?? Of course, I'd blog ALL about it, right here.

Hopefully I'm not digging myself too deep! :o)

Aaanywho. Glad you could pop by.  I'll leave you with this adorable photo of my little doglet...who was sick today and is the reason I didn't get dressed until noon. Seriously.

Of course, he's fine, now.



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