Sunday, November 1, 2009


So this year, friends of mine decided to get married on Halloween. It was a wonderful, costume-filled party, with the groomsmen dressed in jeans and black t-shirts printed with tux fronts, and the bridesmaids dressed in frilly black skirts and black sneakers :o)   The ceremony was quick and cute, the food was so wonderful, the costumes were fantastic - and I forgot my camera. Sadly.

We DID take some photos of our costumes once we got home. I was an ancient (as in, from long ago) Norse woman and my man was Hunter S. Thompson. Doesn't he look awesome?!

Hunter Thompson front

We even went the extra mile and bic'd his head on top so he looked bald! He promptly shaved off the rest when we got home, since the bald on top look was really getting to us :o))

Hunter Thompson closeup

Hunter Thompson

 Do you know how hard it was to find a cigarette holder? Apparently people STILL use them...and they are still being made. It took 2 days of frantic calls and searching, but we found one!

My costume was from when I belonged to a medieval recreation group called the SCA. I don't play any more, but since I already had the whole costume, it was easy to wear....and WARM! It's hand-sewn (no machine sewing) out of wool and linen and decorated with felt and hand-spun wool needlepoint. I can't believe I made the whole thing...right down to the shoes. (the bag was hand-made by a friend). The beautiful reproduction animal-head brooches were given to me by my mother and are currently the most expensive jewelry I own. How sad.

Here's the dress:

Viking Dress

And the jacket:

Viking jacket

Fun was had by all, but we came home at a decent hour and didn't end up going out with friends afterwards, like planned. We were both tired.

Our ages are showing.

A little update on a dresser I was working on, ages ago, if you're keeping track: it's finished! If you don't know which one I'm talking about, read the beginning, here: Finally, a Weekend
I sprayed the top coat ages and ages ago, before I actually hurt my knee (that was in April) and it's been sitting out in the garage, waiting on handles and me getting up the energy to sell it. Instead, I sold the antique dresser I HAD inside, and am keeping this one, for the time being. It's much bigger!

Dresser finished

I'm not a HUGE fan of the white handles, however they were very inexpensive and they can be removed and replaced at a later date. Like when I win the $50 million Lotto Max soon. Ha.

Like the detail? It's a lovely, big size and I still have an extra drawer to fill up! Awesome.

Dresser finished 2

Well, that's about it for now!  I'll be sharing some sweet finds from Etsy one of these days, soon. See you then!


WildHeather December 10, 2009 at 10:22 a.m.  

Hunter S. Thomson costume is eerily spot on. Hide the shotguns!

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