Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mini Vacation

So since I've been waiting for a few fellow Etsy artists to respond with answers to my questions for my next feature, I thought I'd put up a few photos from a little trip to Whistler that I took this week! I was there for two nights, and had so much fun just catching up and visiting for 3 days. Just being in Whistler makes me feel more creative!

Plus they had snow! Which I was, of course, so totally unprepared for. Stupid, I know. Mountains in winter = snow, right? Next time, I'll remember to bring my boots, hat and gloves (as well as a warm jacket and my car scraper!)


My two dear friends welcomed me with open arms, even though we haven't kept up much. I used to live in Whistler ages and ages ago, so a lot of reminiscing happened. How things have changed!!

First, coffee at Starbucks (my god...there's FOUR Starbucks in Whistler!!!)

Mmmm coffee


We had so much fun taking pics of each other and checking out our cameras...we're geeks!

Wanna see mine?

At almost 6 years old, my friend's son is a camera whiz (well almost)!

Takin' pics

Then, in the village, from the Moguls Coffee shop patio:

The Village

Duke the dog, who howls when you yell "POLICE!!":

Whistler 2009_9

The stream through town (almost frozen solid):

The stream

Typical Whistlerite tomfoolery:

Smoke Weed

Breakfast before I left:


Hungry lil guy!

"You're Mine"


She hates having her photo taken, but she's such a cutie:

Hee hee

Fun was definitely had by all, and I can't wait to go back and catch up more. Aren't good friends the best kind to have?? Sometimes I just love growing up :o)


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