Thursday, December 3, 2009

Busy days!

So! I've been quietly going crazy...I had my knee surgery last Thursday, and although it's healing well and I am already walking (slowly), I am stuck at home and it's driving me mad! Damn you, manual transmission!!

Good thing I have so much left to do to prepare for the Klahanie Christmas Market (craft fair) that I'm in on Sunday!! Making and putting on tags, pricing and ironing....I'm not looking forward to that!

Before the surgery, I was a whirlwind of sewing and preparing...getting as much ready as I could and making sure I had things on hand for after the surgery (and cleaning, too). So of course (if you believe in Murphey's Law), four days before surgery my sewing machine broke. As in: the needle snapped in three and it's now time to haul it's vintage cast-iron butt into Vancouver to Mason and have it overhauled. I'm cringing just thinking about it! As luck would have it, I wasn't left too high and dry. A loaner machine (much newer but so very inferior) was lent and I managed to sew up all my Christmas potholders. Aren't they pretty?

 Christmas potholders

I've also made up new hang tags for all my product - gosh do I EVER love Photoshop. 

New tags

And made up a whack of Chocolate Covered Pretzels to sell as well. They're SO tasty that I had to hide them from my man!!

Chocolate dipped pretzels!

At the behest of a friend, I've made up a few cute baby sleep sacks as well (but I have no photos right now). If you're coming to the fair, you'll see 'em!

I've been working on a new apron design that is a-line, but sewing with this loaner machine is frustrating, at best, so they will have to wait until AFTER I get my machine fixed. SIGH. I'm quite excited about it, though! Wait till you see them!! 

That's about it for now!! Happy Christmas shopping, everyone!


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