Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sweet Easter!

Happy Easter, everyone!! I hope you're all getting wonderfully high on sugary or chocolat-y goodness and Easter snacks as we speak. If not, this is all I have to share with you:


Yummy-looking candy sushi made from Rice Krispie squares and Peeps!

Click the photo to be taken to Serious Eats  Peepshi tutorial.
I wish I had the gumption to make up these treats, but I have to say I don't....I need to lose a few pounds. But then, who doesn't??

Other than spending copious time finding cute links online, I've been a big spender recently. Retail therapy maybe? I don't know. It's how I relax.

My biggest purchase and dirtiest little secret is my new iPhone 3G. I am now seriously addicted! Is there anyone who's bought one who's not? I've been playing with a silly app called Pocket God. If you have an iPhone and don't know about it, go get it! Hours of mindless fun. I think I'm a Thunder God, personally...
After that, I love Google Earth, Searchit and Epicurious.  Anyone have any others that are must-haves to share with me??

I've also made my second-ever Amazon purchase...two exercise videos. Both ballet-related. I can't wait to get them!! 

Yesterday I went to the mall, and miraculously walked out with everything I was looking for. Seriously! Mall=0 Me=4 Yay!  New jeans that I won't pop the button off of (hopefully), new sneakers, and some other misc stuff. I don't think that's ever happened before :o)

Well, have a great Easter!


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