Friday, April 23, 2010

Ahhhh...the warmth!

Well, Spring has definitely sprung in this corner of the world. It's finally warming up! My garden is well-sprouted, and everything is green and flowering and growing. Even the hated weed-evilness. Yes, I hates them, and they grow faster than I can tear them out by their stubborn roots!

Here's some pics of the growing loveliness.


green flowers


Also, I got a new camera app for my iPhone. Oh, how I loves my iPhone! The app is called Hipstamatic, and it rawks my iPhone world! It gives a toy camera look and picture frame to all your photos and comes with three lens choices, three film choices, and two flashes. I prefer the green tinted lens and regular flash, but I'm still figuring it out! Check these out:

Good morning


Cleo the doggie is a willing model, so I have a ton of pics of her.


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