Sunday, April 25, 2010

"Diet" is just "Die" with a "T"!


Please can I haz a cookie??

So, I'm on a diet. Not a fad crash diet, just calorie-watching (insert huge, dejected sigh here). Ever since I injured my knee, I've managed to gain a whopping 25 pounds, since I love food am unable to do any cardio or workouts. Though most of my friends say they can't really tell (they must be lying), I have managed to pop the button off of TWO pairs of jeans. I didn't even know that could really happen! Awkward!

With my doctor's insistence on some weight loss - even though I insisted that I really do eat quite healthy - I purchased the Tap & Track calorie counter app for my iPhone. (did I mention how I love my iPhone???) 

With this app (though it takes a bit of setting up and getting used to) you can track your calories in, exercise, and weight, as well as get detailed info on ratios of carbs and fats you're taking in. This is just what I needed, since I MUST cut calories to lose weight and can't exercise.

I have shockingly discovered that I ate far more calories a day than I thought. Hm. The most important thing I've learned, so far, is that portion size is really not what the modern world thinks it is! As a sedentary person, I don't need many calories to maintain....however I just love eating. I love food! I can't wait until I can EXERCISE again, and eat yummy food. Like pasta. And chocolate. And beer....mmmm yummy beer!!


I did, however, find a treats to satisfy the sweets craving that I get, sometimes. Angelfood cake! 


At only 140 calories and NO fat a slice, it's my new go-to dessert. I made it from a package, since I really don't have the time to bake it from scratch at the moment, and it still turned out quite tasty. 

One slice

Topped with some cooked fruit (apples, strawberries, raisins, peaches and a dash of cinnamon), it was heavenly....though a few more calories.

Cake with topping

I know I'll get the hang of this watching my calories thing, eventually. Right now I really really want to eat something (even though it's bedtime!) after looking at my cake pictures! Am I the only one dieting???


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