Friday, August 20, 2010

Farther along the road than before

Hello again...I know it's been some time since my last post. I apologize to everyone, especially me....I like blogging.

I have been super busy with a job that keeps me hopping, a very long commute every day, sewing to do...and I've had my share of tears recently.

My little 4 year old Chihuahua pup, Puccini, was paralyzed from an unknown accident and after 3 weeks of desperately hopeful treatment, had to be put down. May he frolic happily in doggy heaven and always have someone warm to snuggle next to at night.

Oh my little man, my I miss you beyond all reckoning. You were the best little doggie, ever.


My beautiful little doggie, Puccini

Shortly after that, my kitty Tatu became ill. Within about a month of Pucci, she also had to be put down, with a diagnosis of cancer under her tongue. She was 10 1/2 and will be so sorely missed. She was the softest, sweetest kitty ever, and a constant companion through thick and thin.

Happy Tatu

But not everything is sad. Two days before the decision to put down my kitty, I adopted Capone. He is a 3 year old red Minature Pinscher. His previous owners could not have two dogs in their condo and as Capone was the newest, he sadly needed a new home. He is very sweet, but not as people-oriented as Pucci was. He's also bigger, and more energetic (which is a HUGE understatement) than Pucci....he can run alllll day long and almost never get tired.

He is making it much easier to be without my two little friends.


Sleepy pup

I have also been sewing, and have several custom orders left to complete.

Here is one of the customs I've recently done so far(I just didn't get photos of the others), pardon the horrible photo! And if the lady who wanted it never gets back to'll be up for sale soon!

Custome apron

And this is pretty much the only good photo of my stuff from the Honeybee Festival in Surrey. Potholders:

Aside from my little woes, things are moving along otherwise well. My work contract is up, soon, and I'll be working from a location closer to home with a new contract (YAY!) which will mean more time for sewing, my family, and ME! Yes. I've also passed my exam for my lever 2 Insurance License. Yes, I work in's not as exciting as it sounds. I've sold most of my Etsy stock and will hopefully be sewing up more to list. It's neat to know that my aprons live in the USA, Holland, New Zealand, Germany and Canada. :o)  And I've recently done some fabric shopping on Etsy for some new apron styles (for when I actually get around to sewing).

I'll also be putting up some photos (eventually) that I've taken this summer, and like so far. I hope you've all been having an enjoyable summer!! Let me know if there's anything you'd like to see here, and I'll see if  I can manage it.


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