Saturday, August 28, 2010

Custom work

Hello again!

I've had quite a few custom aprons (7, to be exact) that I've been trying to work on in my spare time. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten pictures of them all, and I only have two left to complete. SIGH. Time restraints are KILLING my creativity!

I did, however, get photos of these two. The white and yellow apron was made for a 1050's style party!!

Customs collage

I'm in love with the white and yellow apron. IN. LOVE. SO in love, as a matter of fact, that I have ordered more of the cherry fabric, as well as several other types of retro-ish fabrics so I can make MORE! Be prepared for a few of this type on my Etsy....though maybe not quite so full (that's around 100 inches of fabric, gathered into a 24 inch waist. I never said I was any good at math...) I'm going to have to order a bunch of ric rac, too...and here I had been resisting. SIGH. Speaking of ric rac...this is an EXCELLENT deal, if you need to order it in bulk.

We've finally managed to get a weekend away, to do a second test-run of our new (to us) 1970's truck camper (funny, the only photo of the camper is super blurry!). 

I'm loving camper camping much more than tenting. So civilized! We did find, however, that even slight bouncing on bumpy roads can lead to camper a problem with the ancient doorknob, where we had major difficulties getting in our last lunch-stop (something in the mechanism shifted) and then, once we finally got in, LOCKED us in! Good thing there's an escape hatch in the roof! A new knob set is getting installed today, thank goodness.

Some photos from our trip:


Old cabin

Mossy fence


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