Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hair! Or hairs, if you want to get technical...

So I decided to take some (unflattering and bad) webcam photos of my hair....in the process of getting ready for work yesterday. I love how it looks, after being set in curlers and brushed out.

So, Voila! Finished hair! I really wish I had a better webcam, now.

My new hair!

And here it is, in rollers.....I let my freshly-washed hair dry (once I've put a bit of soft-hold gel in), then moisten slightly with Lottabody setting lotion (from Sally's) mixed one part to two parts water, then roll and blow dry. The more you do it, the faster it gets!

Hair, in curlers

And this is just after the rollers came out, before brushing. It takes a LOT of brushing to look good. Seriously. Isn't this hilarious?! The first time I set my hair, I was SO disappointed and washed the set away! (can you say afro?)

My hair, curlers out but not brushed
I think that someday I might get brave and cut the last few inches off,  for that real 1950's look...but my man would be sorely disappointed! I also need to learn how to keep the crown smooth, instead of rolling all the hair, all over....hmm. I hear that practice makes perfect.

What do YOU do to your hair??


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