Sunday, March 13, 2011

Have you ever had a day when you just COULDN'T cut a whole slice of cheese?

You know. Where no matter how hard you try for a whole slice off the block, your knife mysteriously veers off half-way though and you end up with multitudes of wonky pieces of cheese and you're left wishing you'd bought an electric meat slicer after the LAST time this happened?

No? Huh. Maybe it's just me....

Recently, I'm constantly busy and don't seem to get much of anything done. Maybe I have far too many things I want to do? I do get things done, only in very slow increments. And although I'm a consummate procrastinator, I DO start to get stressed out when I have too many things on the go, and nothing gets done. 

Since my last post, I've managed to:

1) Completely sew two more skirts and a t-shirt from vintage patterns. Some day, I'll put up some photos (when there's enough light and I have more time...on second thought, maybe that'll never happen).

2) Managed to half-sew a 1940/50's dress out of a vintage white cotton fabric  with blue flowers on it. The fabric is neat, since the whole bolt (which was brand-new and had never been washed!) is only 30 inches wide! It was gifted to me. I have so much, I can't wait to sew MORE with it! I actually have photos of this, unfinished:

1940 or 1950's Dress

Same Dress, neckline detail

3) Managed to upload pretty much all of my vintage patterns to Etsy! Now, if only someone would buy them. SIGH


4) Cut my hair, yet again! This time, fairly short (to my man's disbelief). And when I do rollers all over, it looks SO 1950's! I should have taken pictures last night. The teenagers at the movie theater thought it was pretty funny, though. 

I used the "Long Length"  cut from Daniela Turudich's book "1940's Hairstyles". It's such a great book, even though it's modern. I highly recommend it, though it's no longer in print (Psst! You can download a digital copy, here)

Middy & long hair cut
I have several ideas floating about, but haven't been getting ANYTHING done about them. I'm going to try my hand at making hair flowers...if I can ever get a shipment of hair clips to arrive! Canada Post gives me hives. Seriously. 

I also have SO MUCH fabric to sew clothes from...I just bought another $75 worth today. Enough now for SEVERAL wardrobes! (you should see some of the awesome stuff I have, now!) I guess I should get cracking, hey? 

And, to make matters even more preposterous, I found a Rockabilly event that would be SO FUN to go to. "Viva Las Vegas", baby! (not like I have time for a vacation, but...I can wish, can't I?) With car shows, tons of bands, a tiki pool party and burlesque competitions (and more) what wouldn't be fabulous about that??! Plus, it's in Vegas. And by that I's WARM. I'm *so* longing for summer!

What I've decided I need, to finally get things done, is to be a house wife....

But my man and I aren't on the same page with that.... it's like we're actually reading completely different books! (That, and we haven't won the lottery, yet)


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