Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring gathering

Yes, gathering. And not as in a get together, either. I'm in the process of gathering 30 meters of tulle and ribbon.

Yes, I might possibly be crazy.  I'm making a crinoline! Whee!

It looked like this yesterday:

Crinoline in progress

It doesn't look that much different today, because...have you ever tried to pin tulle? It's got holes (being tulle and all). I think there are pins all over my house now, from where they've fallen out as I disgustedly marched the whole darn thing back into the sewing room after spreading, pinning and re-pinning and becoming murderous.

It's currently partially attached to this (the top half)

Crinoline in progress

I used these instructions at Craftster which are a fantastic translation of the instructions Alice Lon's mum provided TV Guide with in the 1950's (which you can find here on Pettipond). Alice Lon was well-known for her plethora of very full crinolines (well, and her singing). The only difference is I will only have a 30 meter hem, instead of 48 YARDS! That's too ginormous for me...I believe my workplace will think I've tipped over the boundary between "dressing up" and "costume" if I wore that large of a crinoline!!

On another note, I've recently had a lot of luck vintage shopping! Among other small stuff, I found some lovely pearl clip-on earrings to go with my pearls, as well as a cute, short-sleeved green sweater and a vintage foldable hard-bonnet hair dryer! I have yet to try it, but I'll get some pictures up soon, I promise.

I've also finished sewing up a new dark denim circle skirt made from a 1950's pattern, and a cute red, short sleeve blouse made from a 1940's pattern. I can't wait to wear it all with the crinoline...that is, if I ever get it all pinned up and gathered. Sheesh!

OH! And I'll soon be reviewing a book for Bramcost Publications They republish vintage books, and have SCADS of interesting titles. I currently have the Westmore Beauty Book, which I got for Christmas from my mom. She rocks! It's a great book with tons of vintage beauty tips...from makeup to hair to even exercises for keeping slim!


DearHelenHartman April 20, 2011 at 7:25 p.m.  

That is an ambitious project! Am enjoying your blog (the hair cute is great) and becoming your new follower. Stop by and say hello some time.

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