Sunday, January 17, 2010

Has Spring sprung.....

...or are our plants just a teensy bit confused?

I was rather surprised yesterday morning. Since the day dawned fairly clear and warm, I wandered our yard with my camera, looking for interesting things to take photos of and taking stock of all that will need cleaning up when I eventually have the time....and noticed something that I didn't think would happen quite yet.


SPROUTS.  I first saw the snowdrops, all about an inch or so tall....tiny buds almost visible. Snowdrops DO come out early...but last year at this time, we had REAL snow and no snow drops.


To be sure, we have had some record-breaking warm weather this January...with temperatures up to 13 degrees Celcius....but it was still a bit of a shock. Then I saw the rest of them....not sure what they all are, but there were LOTS of them!






Even my mint is growing, shooting up throught the layer of leaves in our front garden


In a way, I am excited to see the new growth, but it also makes me anxious...since our winter isn't technically over yet. I hope the little budlettes aren't in for a cold, rude awakening!!, I don't want to start mowing my lawn, yet.

On the crafty front, I've started up a new apron style, and tested my draped pattern with some spare quilting cotton I had kicking's just the top half of a halter-style apron I'm tentatively calling the "Marilyn" for obvious reasons ;o) 

 New apron, started

I still need to cut neck and waist ties and the skirt, and then we'll see how it looks in a nice, bright print once I have the design where I like it! As I've barely got a half-hour a day that I can squeeze sewing in, at the moment, it might take me a bit longer till I can get a finished version on my Etsy. Keep your eyes peeled!


Aprons by MeMe January 18, 2010 at 5:17 a.m.  

Beautiful pictures, I love mint. It definitely grows like a weed!!

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